About the Film

"So Close to Home" tells the story of Michael Wallace, who found himself homeless for five years starting in 2002. Like many of us, Michael never imagined he would ever end up living on the streets, but an unfortunate series of events left him without a roof over his head in the community he had lived in for the majority of his life. "So Close to Home" follows Michael as he retraces the steps that led him to the streets and recalls the experience of suddenly being "one of them."

Though the movie is filmed and focuses on events in Victoria BC, it deals with widespread problems that are not unique to the city it is set in. Homelessness is a phenomenon that affects societies the world over to varying degrees.

Featuring Michael Wallace
Filmed by Shiraz Higgins and Darrin DeStephanis
Edited by Shiraz Higgins
Music by Shiraz Higgins, Aaron Lam, Georgia Murray, and Michael Wallace


The idea behind this movie is sharing a story, so please feel free to download the video and send it to your friends, burn it on a CD, set up a screening, show it to your class, or do whatever you see fit with it! You can download various formats at the Vimeo page here.

High school and middle school instructors may also download a lesson plan that has been prepared to accompany the film for presentation in the classroom.


This film was made using a grant from the The Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation. It no longer exists as a scholarship foundation, though some degree of operation has continued under the Millennium Network. M Network

There are a number of organizations in Victoria dealing with the issue of homelessness (we are listing them here to provide information, not necessarily to endorse all of them). These include:

Street Newz
Woodywnn Farms
Our Place
Greater Victoria Coalition to End Homelessness

On a broader scale, http://homelessnation.org provides a web forum for those suffering from homelessness and those interested in the issue on an international level.

If you have info about organizations in Victoria or elsewhere that you would like to see included please contact us and we will try to update.

Music was generously provided by:

Georgia Murray
Aaron Lam

Contact Information

Please feel free to contact us at:

soclosetohome2012 [at] gmail [dot] com